Who we are

DARCO is organized on a human scale and has a strong technical experience built up since 1998. It benefits from its own dedicated machining plant and workshop, and offers specially adapted products designed to transport many types of fluid corresponding to different temperature and pressure.

With 15 years of experience behind us and innovations for the metal-metal design and double block and bleed valves, DARCO is able to meet specific requests that you may have, or to incorporate the different features listed above in order to respond to your most exacting requirements.

What we do

We present a large range of manual and / or actuated ball valves, with patterns for metal / metal design and double block and bleed valves that we export all over the world. The dimensions of our valves go from 1/4’’ up to 36’’ class 150 to 2500.

DARCO provides a wide range of manual and / or actuated ball valves for use in natural gas, LNG, crude oil and refined products transmission lines.

Our means of production : About 25 numerical control machines (16 turn center from 2 to 8 axes, 4 milling centers, 3 bandsaws).

Executed projects

Girassol platform / Grondin stoppage / Nkossa stoppage; Anguille project – TOTAL E&P; « Artère de Béarn » project - TIGF; Lacq’s clusters UTG – SOBEGI TECHNIP; « Modernisation » - TIGF; Ichtys project - TOTAL E&P; Bundled market - C4GAS; ARKEMA’s Supply contract